Leading the Way Since 1946

Coast Seafoods Company has been successful as a leader in larval shellfish production. We began harvesting natural beds on the Pacific Coast in 1946 and later imported Japanese oyster seed to replant them. Today, we are the largest single producer in the world, owning and operating over 14,000 State Certified Pacific Coast Tidelands.

Two State-of-the-Art Hatcheries

To meet our growing need for consistent, high quality oyster larvae and seed, we developed a hatchery in Quilcene, Washington and also in Kona, Hawaii.

We provide other shellfish growers worldwide with a variety of oyster and clam species, plus algae feeds and various support services.

Moving Towards the Perfect Oyster

Our goal is to produce a perfect oyster. Beginning with our own carefully chosen broodstock, through spawning, fertilization, and growth, the larvae receive constant nurturing, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are constantly refining and improving our operations, working toward a superior product capable of faster growth, improved market quality and disease resistance.

Hatchery Facilities Hatchery Process Seed Growing Methods
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